Why Joomla Stands As the Best Platform for Customised Websites

If any name comes to the mind of the developers for creating powerful websites or online applications, then it is Joomla! Making anything exactly the way they want is every man’s natural tendency and this stands for the websites or applications too. While such intentions always resulted in greater innovations and improved everything according to the convenience of the users, Joomla came as a bigger blessing to satiate the customisation craving in web development. Tweaking a website or its features is much easier now with open-source systems like Joomla. Now, let’s delve deep into the inherent aspects of Joomla development, which makes it a premium choice of developers and business owners for developing their own websites.

Makes content management of website as easy as a pie

While Joomla primarily comes as a content management system, it is typically unlike the other CMSes. One can manage the users or visitors on their websites with permission levels and without even the need to switch tabs. Also, creating a website in a particular hierarchy is too simple using it and does not any coding skills to have it orderly and fashioned. Owners get the entire control of their website and its elements of the via the admin panel.

Provides responsive layout for the websites

Joomla’s latest versions bring in a seamless and eye-catching layout that fits perfectly any device or screen resolutions. Due to Joomla development, responsiveness in the admin console or backend and frontend in the websites became a possibility. Joomla is no doubt the most favoured CMS because it creates an extremely user-friendly interface which is bounds to fetch more website visitors.

Offers unimaginable flexibility with great extensions

Joomla has over 6000 extensions, that literally put no limits on the functionality and interactiveness of the websites or applications. Want to add up widgets for social media integrations or feed the websites with customers reviews? There are extensions available everything! Joomla’s extensions are beautifully classified into 30+ categories which include editing, multi-languages, social, communication, marketing and helps in providing inherent flexibility to the web developers.

Creating an eCommerce store is exceptionally easy with Joomla

Joomla is at present the top known eCommerce friendly CMS too, offering lots of components that are specifically needed in eCommerce websites. Merchants can manage their bundles of products and their content seamlessly in the websites without requiring them to switch over the tabs. Besides, it has several third-party components for better customisation and offers integrations like PayPal, Google Checkout for the ease of product management, shipping, payment gateways.

It’s one of the rare platforms with drag and drop feature capability

With Joomla, websites get the most prominent and desired feature of drag and drop that lacks on any other platforms. This is one of the notable areas in Joomla’s latest version as it is really changing the game for website owners by allowing them to reorder components in their sites as easily and quickly as possible.