Review of the Graphics Card, GALAXY GTX 970 Ashes Black General

One of the most important components of any PC is the graphics card, which does the job of image processing and subsequent display. Gamers usually pay special attention to the choice of discrete graphics cards and spend a lot of time studying their characteristics and test results. It is not surprising because the game industry makes a huge amount of video games run, which require the most powerful system. So, what are the most powerful graphics cards at the moment? Some time ago, NVIDIA released its new product, GALAXY GTX 970 Ashes Black General. In case you haven’t heard of this model, let’s check it in detail.

Strong Cooling System

As we know, the wonderful cooling system is indispensable and important for a powerful graphics card. Fortunately, this new model, GALAXY GTX 970 Ashes Black General, comes with the strong cooling system named “Sagittarius S (S)”. The radiator surface is equipped with a large number of sheet metal parts so that it shows exceptional aging resistance. In addition, equipped with the more excellent and more expensive ball bearing fan, the cooling system can last for a long life of above 10 years and shows better stability.

With three exclusive reinforced-plastic 8cm large fan blades, it makes stronger cooling efficiency and lower noise. In addition, the use of buckle FIN technology accelerates heat dissipation performance. Five 6mm nickel-plated heat pipes and the nickel-plated copper base design make heat distribution more uniform, which maximizes the heat dissipation.

Specifics and Performance

GALAXY GTX 970 Ashes Black General is based on the latest NVIDIA 28nm Maxwell GM204 core, which has 16 groups of new SMM, composing the specifications of 1664 CUDAs and 128 TMUs. The chip operating frequency is 1190MHz and with the ability to overclock to 1342MHz.

The new device provides 4 GB of GDDR5 graphics memory and the clock frequency of which is 7012MHz. Compared with other competitors, its memory bus is only 256 bits. But this is enough to draw on the highest setting of any modern game, and even in the 4K format. Besides, it has HDMI, DP, and DVI interfaces, and supports 3D Vision game platform.


With the ability to effectively dissipate heat, this graphics card demonstrates outstanding performance. If you are in need of a powerful graphics card with a high level of performance in 3D-applications, for example, you do photo editing, the NVIDIA GALAXY GTX 970 Ashes Black General would be a right choice for you.