Trying out a medusa webshop

In the following couple of articles, we’ll be building a medusa webshop.

This idea was sparked from looking for alternatives for an existing WooCommerce webshop I was looking at transferring.


My brother-in-law has a pretty large webshop with beers. For those interested, it’s

The webshop is built on top of WooCommerce, which worked relatively ok for when he

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eM Client’s Quick filter | eM Client

eM Client provides a lot of great ways to go through your emails in an order that shows you the most important messages first, based purely on your preference, be it the received time, sender or specific tags. But sometimes you do not want to change default sorting but need an additional way to quickly list a specific type of

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How deep-network models take potentially dangerous

Deep convolutional neural networks (DCNNs) don’t see objects the way humans do — using configural shape perception — and that could be dangerous in real-world AI applications, says Professor James Elder, co-author of a York University study published today.

Published in the Cell Press journal iScience, Deep learning models fail to capture the configural nature of human shape perception

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iOS 16.1 Will Bring Major Features on iPhone

Apple has seen fit to release the first beta of iOS 16.1 to developers and public beta testers. The latest beta build arrived a few days after the company seeded iOS 16 to the general public. The update packs a boatload of improvements with forward-facing features. However, some features are missing in the initial release of iOS 16. Henceforth, the

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Every Harry Potter Movie Ranked: From Grindelwald to Azkaban

It’s been over 20 years since Harry Potter hit cinemas, launching one of the biggest screen franchises eve. It’s been up and down since then. There’s been classics and clunkers in equal measure.

So, without further ado, here’s our ranking of all 10 Harry Potter movies, including the prequel flicks featuring adorkable Hufflepuff and famed magizoologist Newt Scamander.

Warner Bros.

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Leetcode 217. Contains Duplicate. DSA – #4

Python || C++ || TypeScript

Brute Force Approach

This approach is very simple, so I am not going to waste much time in this approach

  • We take one element and compare it with all the other elements.
  • We do this for all the elements.


def containsDuplicateMethod1(nums: list[int]) -> bool:
    length = len
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