Is switching from Outlook to eM Client worth it?

Email communication is an integral part of our daily work lives – whether you run your own business or are an employee, you probably send and receive countless emails every day, sometimes via different accounts. Despite chat, messengers, SMS and other communication tools being more popular in our personal lives, email is still holding its own, seeing as it can

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Things you ask about eM Client 9

With the release of eM Client 9, there are several things our users frequently asked about. That is why we put together the answers to the most common questions!

What’s new about eM Client 9?

Several new and enhanced features include Avatars and Message preview directly in the message list, Mail Tracking Pixel detection, Threads, Notes for emails

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eM Client’s Quick filter | eM Client

eM Client provides a lot of great ways to go through your emails in an order that shows you the most important messages first, based purely on your preference, be it the received time, sender or specific tags. But sometimes you do not want to change default sorting but need an additional way to quickly list a specific type of

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Microsoft disables Basic authentication for all accounts

Microsoft has recently announced that they plan to disable all basic authentication for their Microsoft 365 and accounts, and only the Microsoft modern authentication via OAuth 2 will be available. Effective October 1st, 2022, Microsoft will begin disabling all Basic authentication for existing protocols.

You can read more about this change in this Microsoft article – Deprecation of

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eM Client 9.1 is released

Have you been longing for an eM Client update? So have we! Our team has been hard at work completing fixes, implementing users’ feedback from eM Client 9.0 and testing new builds, but the next step is finally here. eM Client 9.1 brings a new spin on Reminders both in design and functionality, support for Yahoo IMAP API, and overall

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Email Tracking pixel detection | eM Client

More and more of our lives are happening online and there are those who want to follow your every step to either sell you a product or worse, sell your data to other companies. eM Client’s doing its part when it comes to your emails being tracked by introducing the Email Tracking Pixel detection and options to block them.


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