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Of the myriad technological advances of the 20th and 21st centuries, one of the most influential is undoubtedly artificial intelligence (AI). From search engine algorithms reinventing how we look for information to Amazon’s Alexa in the consumer sector, AI has become a major technology driving the entire tech industry forward into the future.

Whether you’re a burgeoning start-up or

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A Beginner’s Guide to Quantum Programming

Quantum Computing Concept

A new guide on programming quantum algorithms leads programmers through every step, from theory to implementing the algorithms on IBM’s publicly accessible 5-qubit ibmqx4 quantum computer and others.

The guide covers the fundamentals, along with a summary of the main quantum algorithms and instructions on how to implement them on publicly available quantum computers

As quantum computers proliferate and become

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree opens doors in a variety of industries, including professional, scientific and technical services, manufacturing, finance and insurance, information services, administrative support services, and consulting. Computer skills are also needed in large numbers in many other industries from retail, healthcare, education, local, state and federal government agencies, transportation, and others.

NU’s computer science

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Tobago students introduced to computer coding


Students of schools around Tobago learn the basics of computer coding and programing, on a chart using a mouse, while Chief Secretary Farley Augustine seems also intrigued at Digicel Foundation and We Code Caribbean’s launch of the five-week programme at Tobago Information Technology Ltd, at Signal Hill on Monday. Photo by David Reid


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Computer science lecturer sues Univ. of Wash. leaders over

Stuart Reges. (UW Photo)

A lecturer at the University of Washington is suing university leaders over his free speech rights, claiming he was made “a pariah” for a statement he made about Pacific Northwest indigenous peoples in a syllabus for a computer science course.

The UW’s computer science department suggests that faculty include an indigenous land acknowledgement on syllabi. Such

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The forgotten story of the women who changed the history of

“Clementine Computer” (1962). Photograph of the History Program of the FCEN – University of Buenos Aires, with permission to be used for study, research and teaching purposes. Edited by Global Voices. Source.

Few people know that Argentine women have played a significant part in Latin America’s computing history. In the 1960s, the first programming language in Argentina was created, called

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