Build a number guessing game in Ruby

In this article I will show you how to create a simple number guessing game in Ruby. The game will be a command line application that will ask the user to guess a number between 0 to 9. If the user guesses correctly, the game will print a message and exit. If the user guesses incorrectly, the game will print

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Top 9 Best UI Component Libraries/Frameworks in 2022 for


If you’re involved in web development, chances are that you’ve heard of UI component libraries and CSS frameworks. A UI Component Library is a collection of pre-made styles (like fonts, components, or colors) that can be quickly used to build websites. These UI components enable developers to create code that solves common problems—for example, creating buttons and components that

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Trying out a medusa webshop

In the following couple of articles, we’ll be building a medusa webshop.

This idea was sparked from looking for alternatives for an existing WooCommerce webshop I was looking at transferring.


My brother-in-law has a pretty large webshop with beers. For those interested, it’s

The webshop is built on top of WooCommerce, which worked relatively ok for when he

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Leetcode 217. Contains Duplicate. DSA – #4

Python || C++ || TypeScript

Brute Force Approach

This approach is very simple, so I am not going to waste much time in this approach

  • We take one element and compare it with all the other elements.
  • We do this for all the elements.


def containsDuplicateMethod1(nums: list[int]) -> bool:
    length = len
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What is Authorization service and why does it matter?


Authorization services are the tools you need to protect your data, prevent unauthorized access and ensure your customers’ security. These services can help you with things like fraud detection, real-time transaction monitoring, and even risk assessment. This article will help you understand what authorization services are, how they affect the software development process, and why it’s important to know

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Realistic Avatar Creator: the real you in the Virtual World

How to provide immersive interaction to customers? Let users become Realistic Avatar Creators . This article will teach you how to build Realistic Avatar system step by step.

Nowadays, we can reshape our world by making realistic Avatar to experiment with digital versions of ourselves, crossing the vast Web horizons. We have learned how personalization and versatility are what characterize

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