Top 9 Best UI Component Libraries/Frameworks in 2022 for


If you’re involved in web development, chances are that you’ve heard of UI component libraries and CSS frameworks. A UI Component Library is a collection of pre-made styles (like fonts, components, or colors) that can be quickly used to build websites. These UI components enable developers to create code that solves common problems—for example, creating buttons and components that

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Things you ask about eM Client 9

With the release of eM Client 9, there are several things our users frequently asked about. That is why we put together the answers to the most common questions!

What’s new about eM Client 9?

Several new and enhanced features include Avatars and Message preview directly in the message list, Mail Tracking Pixel detection, Threads, Notes for emails

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Device streamlines interactions between ultra-cold and

Many state-of-the-art technologies work at incredibly low temperatures. Superconducting microprocessors and quantum computers promise to revolutionize computation, but scientists need to keep them just above absolute zero (-459.67° Fahrenheit) to protect their delicate states. Still, ultra-cold components have to interface with room temperature systems, providing both a challenge and an opportunity for engineers.

An international team of scientists, led by

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Battlefield 2042 Devs Didn’t Iterate Enough, New Games Will

Where did Battlefield 2042 go wrong? It’s a question many have asked since Battlefield 2042’s near-disastrous launch last year, and Vince Zampella has probably thought about it more than most. The Respawn Entertainment founder was put in charge of Battlefield following last year’s stumbles, and in a new interview with Barron’s, he chalked up Battlefield 2042’s issues to a lack

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Best Spray Car Wax for 2022

Trying to find the best spray wax that will provide lasting shine for your vehicle’s exterior can be frustrating. Spray wax can help keep your car looking fresh in between washes, while protecting it from the elements — like rain and dirt. But with so many options, how can you know which spray will be best for you and your

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