Asus Sabertooth Z170 S Review

Asus Sabertooth Z170 S is the most up-to-date motherboard from the famous company, with excellent power circuitry, and extraordinary BIOS. It is a comparatively affordable motherboard with no TUF Armor provided to bring down the cost. However, it boasts of features such as the Arctic Digipat camouflage, along with a whole lot of tricks to encourage you to buy it.

Technical Specifications

Asus Sabertooth Z170 S is a roaring success with its winning formula of great power circuitry and a unique aesthetic created to perfection. Sabertooth has a whole range of variants, with every one of them sporting something to attract your attention, and this motherboard is no different.

The power phases remain the most significant part of motherboards in general, and as such the Sabertooth Z170 S has been accorded the complete TUF treatment by means of 10K CAPs, alloy chokes as well as the ASUS specialty of DIGI+ power control. This guarantees the user a facile power deliver of minimal droop, it doesn’t matter if you are looking at the stock market figures or banging out any high-end overclocks. Apart from these, it comes with all the usual Sabertooth trimmings such as M.2 support, USB 3.1, DDR4s that can gain 3800MHz, and a whole host of nPCI Express 3.0 slots that can keep most enthusiastic graphics crazy people happy, as they know that they have the full support of the Sabertooth.

There is an ASUS TUF ICe chip seen above the second PCI Express 3.0 slot. This processor has the task of overseeing the fan speeds as well as the temperatures, to bring you the most suitable cooling around to your computer. This also provides microfine control to your PC, by means of the Thermal Radar 2 that controls monitor as well as the incredible 11 fans. Eleven fans are a lot more than most other motherboards around have, and a blessing to those who demand the optimum cooling performance in their computers. In fact, all these are under the effective control of the TUF Detective 2 software that lets you wirelessly regulate all the fans, by means of a smart device. This is perfect for the geeks who like nothing better than playing with gadgets or want total control over all the fans in the system.

Packing and Accessories

The package contains an elaborate description of the Sabertooth Z170 S’s thermal radar monitoring, by taking advantage of the TUF ICe processor. Apart from this, the packaging describes workings of the rear I/O connectivity as well as the basic layout of the motherboard. The package comes with a convenient user’s manual, driver’s disk, M.2 screws, case badge, reliability certificate, an attractive white I/O shield as well as stickers. If you are one of those who just loves to go through all the technical information on the motherboard, it is highly interesting to read through the reliability assessment document. It also includes information concerning a whole host of tests including moisture resistance, solder bath, thermal shock, salt spray, so on and so forth!