Apple’s Deletion of IBooks Author – Why?!

Hello. I have been a self published author for over twenty years (give or take).

I have also worked, extensively, in the professional entertainment arena. Some of my “claims to fame” are doing Blu-ray and DVD (yeah… remember those, lol) titles for big FOX films, such as Wild, Fresh Off the Boat and many others.

I have also been in many other forms of digital media, ever since I can remember. From doing audio design for theatre, to brochures for my own magician’s business, to doing motion graphics for commercials, etc… I have been around.

My main bag of tools have always been from both Adobe and Apple.

Today, I would very much like to discuss iBooks Author, and why I think that it was a mistake for Apple to remove the software, and attempt to replace its functionality with Pages.

Now, please let me be perfectly clear. You CAN still use it (and I do). They just aren’t updating it anymore, and they have removed it from their store.

The look and feel of iBooks Author is absolutely gorgeous, and is extremely well organized. This software was created, for the specific purpose of creating iBooks, or, what are now called Apple Books. To be clear, I have no problem with the name change (other than it caused me to rebrand a good part of my empire – dang it Apple!, lol),

This was also one of the final, original projects that Steve Jobs created, not too long before he passed. So, in that sense, it also kind of hurt that Apple nixed it.

Yes. For sure. There are a lot of similarities between this and Pages. You can, absolutely, create and publish both Apple and eBooks in both. It isn’t all that difficult to do so. I really love Apple’s throughput with regard to thumbnails being on the left, and your workable content on the right. This has carried through much of their software, and give it a nice familiarity, from one program to the next.

One of the many points of contention that of the Widgets panel, in iBooks Author. This doesn’t exist in Pages. While the gallery was maintained, you can’t insert Keynote files (personally, my favorite feature), interactive images, 3D, popovers, lists, scrolling sidebars or HTML.

The fact that you could also preview your book, in an iDevice was incredibly helpful.

This is a HUGE part of what made this software so amazing, and ahead of its time. To my knowledge, Amazon doesn’t have anything that can remotely compare, to this day.

Apple should’ve marketed the features more, better, and should have held classes in their stores surrounding this software. If there were any, I don’t remember them.

The publishing process is also incredibly easy and straightforward.

When it’s all said and done, Apple even helps you with some really interesting marketing tools.

All in all, I believe that this was a missed opportunity, and that Apple shouldn’t have made the move. It’s just as well, I suppose. Updates to the software were scant (actually, as are updates to the current lineup of desktop software, in general).

If you are seeking out a software program, to publish a book with, I would definitely take a look at all of your options, before settling down on one. Look at what Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Adobe and anyone else you might be thinking of, have to offer.

Really study their individual tool sets, to determine whether or not it is right for you (if there is a charge for it), BEFORE you buy.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day!

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Please enjoy!