A Parent’s Guide to School Rankings

Exactly how important are school rankings to your child’s education? This question comes into the minds of many parents, whether they are being faced with relocating or are simply interested in their child’s education. School rankings and the ability to interpret them correctly is a daunting task for anyone unfamiliar with the system. Every state’s Department of Education (DOE) has their own unique system of standardized testing that is given to students of various age groups. They are then published, often on the state’s DOE website for all to see.

How Can Parents Successfully Make Decisions Based on School Rankings?

This is a question that cannot be conclusively answered, but there are several ways you can look at school rankings.

Ï State-wide Rankings: State-wide rankings can be used to determine where the best schools in the state are located. This is especially important for parents who know they are moving to a different state, but have yet to decide on a specific county or town. By looking at state-wide rankings, parent’s can accurately judge where to move in the state.

Ï District-wide Rankings:  Universitas Swasta di Bandung District wide rankings can be used to further determine where to move once you’ve chosen a particular area to settle in. District rankings rate the schools in a particular district, making it easier for a parent to choose which school their child attends.

Ï City-wide Rankings: Some districts even provide rankings for cities with more than one elementary, middle, or high school. Parents can use this for even better decision making on where to send their child to school.

Overall, school rankings can provide parents with the information needed to judge where the best schools in the state, district, and city are. There are problems with them however, because it doesn’t take into consideration each child’s potential for development or the action plan that each school has to make itself better in the future. While many parents believe that judging a school on its rank alone is the best way to judge the school overall, this may not be the best way. Konseling Online If you know where you’re moving, take a look at the cities in the area and ask about their programs and think about how your child’s educational needs will fit in with the various programs. If two schools stand out with exceptional educational programs, then a determining factor might be how that school ranks compared to the other.

Be actively involved in your child’s education. Look at the Department of Education website for your state or the state in which you’re moving. Look at school rankings, but also inquire into educational programs in each school you are considering. Only by comparing schools in a proactive way will you be able to accurately judge where your child will fit best.