5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your VHS Tapes Transferred to DVD

Got prints and tapes lying around your house? Maybe you’ve got a box of old videotapes that are piling up and occupying space unnecessarily. You’ll find several reasons why you should consider the idea of getting your old video tapes converted to DVD.

These home videos which you have cannot be replaced. And you’d probably go an extra mile when it comes to preserving them. Living in this day and age has made it so clear why people use their smartphones to record their memories. These memories can be planned and spontaneous. But what about the collection of old VHS videotapes you have? Get them transferred to DVD. It’s as simple as that.

Here are five reasons why getting your VHS tapes transferred to DVD is the best bet:

1. Preservation for Years – A VHS videotape is an example of analog home video. If taken proper care, it can last up to a month. But do you really think that VHS can last up to 30 days? This is not certain because it depends not only on environmental conditions but other issues related to their use. DVDs, on the other hand, can last over a period of hundred years. Does it not sound good?

To protect your DVD from scratches, transferring them to video files will be a good idea. Now DVDs can be created from these video files whenever you feel the need to do so. Not only that, you can also consider the DVD duplication as you want without having to lose quality.

2. A Safe Format for Storage – It’s true that analog media is prone not only to physical damage but also the damage that time imparts. If you don’t store your VHS videotapes, chances are these tapes lose their quality. They can shrink and degrade as well. Keeping this in mind, it’s good to get your VHS video tapes transferred to DVD to show your upcoming generations.

3. Wonderful Viewing Experience – Forget to rewind your videotape after viewing it? The next person to watch the video will have to wait for it unless the tape is fully rewound to the starting. But this is not the case with DVDs. They let you reach specific places instantly. Old VHS videotapes require extensive back and forth searching to be done manually.

4. Improved Sound – DVDs are a unique form of technology that creates a superior quality sound when compared to an analog video. When DVDs were introduced in the market, this used to be the biggest selling point.

5. Quality Preservation – Not only will the DVD video transfer improve the quality of your VHS videotapes, but it’ll preserve the quality of the home videos. You should know that an inferior quality video when transferred onto a digital format plays back the video of low quality.

Well, there are some creative ways to boost the quality of your videotapes. Hiring a professional company will work in your favor. These companies not only check the reels but tape as well. Moreover, they remove the dirt, dust, and filth from the tapes.