Month: July 2022

This Startup Raised $9 Million To Make Better Quality

Quantum computing, once it truly arrives, is expected to make significant improvements for a number of different applications, from helping to fight climate change and improving the process of drug discovery. While there are quantum computers out there in operation, developed by companies like D-Wave, Rigetti, IBM and Google, none have the

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Did You Know That Amazon Considered Other Names for Alexa

“Alexa” was not the only name choice for what would become Amazon’s voice assistant, which would respond to a “wake word” when summoned.

Amazon Alexa, simply known as “Alexa,” first entered American and global households in 2014 and soon became synonymous with Apple’s Siri. But not many people know that “Alexa” was in fact not the first name the folks

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Software Uncovers The 3D-Printability Of Your Product

Additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) makes industrial parts faster, cheaper, and better, but not always. Depending on the part, how it’s used, what it’s made of, how many you need, and how fast you need them, additive manufacturing can be a tremendous

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Is Arista Networks Inc (ANET) Stock at the Top of the

The 73 rating InvestorsObserver gives to Arista Networks Inc (ANET) stock puts it near the top of the Computer Hardware industry. In addition to scoring higher than 98 percent of stocks in the Computer Hardware industry, ANET’s 73 overall rating means the stock scores better than 73 percent of all stocks.

ANET has an Overall Score of 73. Find out
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How I Got Here: Joyce Hunter’s path to federal tech

One might understandably assume people as experienced as Joyce Hunter simply enter high-level federal government positions and know exactly what to do. But that was not the case for Hunter, a noted expert on the intersection of agritech and cybersecurity.

In fact, she needed to ask a lot of questions when she started as the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA)

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First images of FSD Beta 10.13 surface, revealing improved

By Nuno Cristovao

The first images of FSD Beta 10.13 have begun to surface.

Tesla’s latest FSD Beta is currently being tested by employees before it’s released to the public later this week.

There are many expected improvements in this update, including solving more complex turns that include a median.

However, one change that hasn’t been talked

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